The Strong Work Ethic of Sukarman Sukamto

Sukarman Sukamto
Sukarman Sukamto

Sukarman Sukamto is a successful business professional in Singapore. He is considered by many to have a strong work ethic. This is something that can be attributed to how he operates today, however it can also be said that this has always been true of Sukamto Sia. Since he was a young boy, Sukarman Sukamto was taught the importance of having a strong work ethic. His father was a successful businessman in his own right, and always told his son that he would not have achieved his success were it not for his strong work ethic.


Sukamto Sia took this advice to heart and quickly started on his own path, which would eventually lead him to success. While many others wanted to enter the world of business and work for others, Sukarman Sukamto decided that he would one day work for himself, by creating his own company. In order to accomplish this goal, he knew that it would take years of hard work and dedication. Throughout high school, Sukamto Sia knew the importance of hard work, so he tried his very best to be at the head of the class, graduating with impressive grades.


It was no trouble for Sukarman Sukamto to get into the university of his choice. There, he would fulfill the promise he made to himself. He worked even harder to make sure that he was still the head of his classes. He always made sure to take extensive notes and study extremely hard. There were times that it seemed that he had actually memorized the textbook. Suffice it to say, Sukamto Sia graduated once again with impressive grades, and was quickly hired on to work in a prestigious company in Singapore. Eventually, he would use his knowledge and experience to found a company of his own. To this day, he still has a disciplined work ethic that he uses to achieve success for himself and for his company.

Sukamto Sia’s Sharp Mind

Sukarman Sukamto

Sukamto Sia is an impressive figure in his profession. He is the owner and operator of his own company in Singapore. He is considered a great success in his field. It is his sharp mind that has led him on the path of success, ever since he was young. Sukarman Sukamto decided to get into business because he was inspired by the work of his father. A successful businessman in his own right, Sukamto Sia’s father was proud of his son when he decided to go into business as well.


When Sukarman Sukamto graduated from high school, he entered college with business on his mind. Unlike a lot of other students who were still trying to figure out which field to enter, Sukamto Sia knew that he wanted to begin the business track of courses as soon as possible. Although the work was no easier for Sukarman Sukamto than it was for anyone else, the fact that he was so dedicated to mastering the world of business did give him the focus he needed – not only to exceed his own expectations, but those of his professors as well.


Sukamto Sia began by performing at extremely high levels in all of his classes, often getting the best grades in his courses. This was no accident or fluke. Sukarman Sukamto was so dedicated to his craft that he would make sure to study whenever he had a free moment. While in class, he would take extensive notes, and when he returned home, he would study them endlessly. He would also read and sometimes even reread the chapters of his textbooks, making sure he understood every concept perfectly. He graduated with high honors, and then attended graduate school, where he continued to succeed and excel impressively. Now, as an owner of his company, he continues to use his sharp mind for success.

Sukarman Sukamto

Sukarman Sukamto is a People Person

Sukarman Sukamto’s friends and colleagues will be the first to tell you how much he enjoys interacting with people. It’s no secret that being a “people person” is a good quality to have, especially when you are a businessman. Sukamto Sia works very hard in his role as a founder and operator of his own company. One of the things that has led him towards all of his success is the connection that he is able to forge with other people.


His friends will tell you that Sukarman Sukamto is always ready to great anyone he encounters with a smile on his face. His colleagues will tell you the same thing. No matter the time of day, or the situation at hand, Sukamto Sia is a friendly and personable figure. He enjoys reaching out to people, and he feels it is necessary in order to forge good relationships in life, both professionally and personally.


Sukarman Sukamto has always been a kind person, and he has always enjoyed interacting with people. When he decided to enter the world of business, it took him some time to realize how his kindhearted nature would be able to help him in his chosen profession. When he realized this, he took it as a sign that he had made the right choice to become a businessman. Sukamto Sia uses his inherent ability to connect with people as a businessman in ways which impress his coworkers every day. He enjoys going out into the world and making new contacts. This helps his business grow in impressive ways.


Sukarman Sukamto is grateful that his abilities as a “people person” have helped him a great deal, both in his private life and with the success of his own company. He credits much of his success to those skills, but it was also his years of hard work that led to his success.

The Happy Marriage of Sukamto Sia

Sukamto Sia is a very successful person in business. His success has brought him stability, but his marriage has brought him more happiness than he could have ever hoped for. When he was a young man in college, Sukarman Sukamto laid his eyes on the most beautiful woman in the world. He was in the cafeteria at when Sukamto Sia first saw his future bride. He watched her walk to one of the food lines, and he recalls the impulse to attempt to speak to her. He walked up behind her, pretending to be interested in eating whatever it was a line for.


As Sukarman Sukamto will tell you, he had no idea of what to say to her and ended up making a bad joke. Fortune was on his side that day, as she ended up laughing at the joke anyway. Sukarman Sukamto recalls that once he heard her laugh, he decided he wanted to hear it for the rest of his life. They started up a conversation in the lunch line, and eventually Sukamto Sia asked her if she would like to eat lunch with him. She agreed, and the two had a lovely time together. At the end of the lunch, Sukamto Sia asked for her number and the two began a courtship.


Within a few months, the two began to realize that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Although they wished to get married, they both knew how important their studies were, and did not wish to have the distractions that planning a wedding would bring. The two, ever responsible and studious, decided it would be best to wait until after they graduated. Once they graduated, the young couple had a beautiful wedding, attended by all of their friends and family. They have been happily married ever since.

Sukamto Sia Goes Overseas for His Business

Sukamto Sia is a successful business owner in his home country of Singapore. For many years, he studied and applied himself to become well versed in the trappings of business and everything that business entails. He attended college, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business. Next, Sukarman Sukamto attended graduate school, where he earned a master’s degree.


While in graduate school, Sukamto Sia also took the opportunity to do a number of internships with local businesses in Singapore. It was while working with these businesses that Sukarman Sukamto learned the value of joining forces with other companies overseas. He learned that, while it is important to do business locally in order to support your foundation, it is also good to do business with others from around the world. Sukamto Sia learned that by doing this, your company will grow stronger at a much faster rate.


After a few years of working for others, Sukarman Sukamto founded his very own business. Learning what he did while interning, Sukamto Sia makes it a priority to work with businesses all around the world. He does extensive research in order to learn which countries are doing the best economically, as this helps dictate which companies are safest and most beneficial to work with.


Sukarman Sukamto also learned that to do business effectively with other cultures, it is best to learn as much as possible about the culture you intend on doing business with. To that end, Sukamto Sia learns about how people in other cultures live their personal lives. He learns how each culture interacts with the rest of the world, as this gives him great insight into how they will work with other businesses. Sukarman Sukamto believes that if it were not for this wisdom, he would not be nearly as successful with his company.

Kindness Goes Far for Sukamto Sia

Many people in the world go through life without being kind to people. They have become jaded to the world and do not enjoy the company or help of others. This is an unfortunate reality and can make things uncomfortable for people who have to work with or deal with these grumpy people. For Sukamto Sia, he has learned that kindness is a virtue and that the world needs a lot more of it.


Sukarman Sukamto is from Singapore and has built an impressive business empire, which he is very proud of. He has been able to travel the world for work and for pleasure in his years running his businesses. He has been to cultures that are overwhelmingly kind. On the other hand, he has also been to places where kindness didn't seem to be in sight anywhere. The experience taught him that people should make an effort everywhere to be kinder to one another.


Not only would an effort by people to be kinder to one another help them in their personal lives, it would also help businessmen. There is always an unfortunate belief for many businessmen that they have to be cutthroat in their dealings and negotiations. This isn't the case everywhere and if people became kinder to one another they would be able to better trust one another and have more cordial negotiations.


For his sake, Sukarman Sukamto has made it a point to be a kinder businessman. He has seen kindness go very far in some cultures where his business interests were involved. Kindness can lead to respect, which ultimately leads to trust. Trust is vital in international business to thrive and Sukamto Sia has known this for many years.


Ultimately, a businessman can be very successful without ever being kind. But there's more of an opportunity to get more from his or her business relationships if the person is in general kind to everyone he comes across. It will reflect well on their character and make interacting with others much easier and much more effective.

Showing and Earning Respect Vital to Success, Says Sukarman Sukamto

There are a lot of traits that people seek in their professional and personal life to help them find happiness and success. One of those traits is respect. In some cultures, respect is one of the most important things that a person needs to develop and build to be successful in society. In other cultures, respect is perceived differently and can do different things for a person. Respect is ultimately about the social capital a person has that can be converted into other forms of capital in the professional and social world.


Sukarman Sukamto has always been a person who has earned a great deal of respect from his peers and others in the business world. In Singapore, he is a well-respected businessman who has built a vast business empire. He treats his employees and his acquaintances with a great deal of respect, demonstrating his qualities as a decent and kind person. Showing that he respects people he works with and people that work for him has earned Sukamto Sia lots of respect himself. He is an honorable person, and even his personal assistant has said so on multiple occasions.


Sukarman Sukamto knows that respect can go very far in the business world. He works very hard when meeting new clients or partners to earn their respect. While meeting them, Sukamto Sia does his best to demonstrate respect in whatever cultural norms are appropriate where he is having his meeting. This is in itself a very respectful action to take and it has won Sukarman Sukamto many business deals and friends.


Sukarman Sukamto hopes that more and more businessmen adopt a strategy of championing respect over other traits. Respect goes a long way towards building trust between people and go can go even further when business deals need to be made quickly. In some cultures, respect is absolutely vital to going about business in the first place!

Forgiveness is an Important Trait to Sukarman Sukamto

Sukarman Sukamto

For many people, when they feel wronged or feel that something unfair has happened to them, they hold a grudge for a very long time. This is an unfortunate reaction for many people throughout life. It is, however, a very natural reaction to certain events, but forgiveness is a much easier way to lead one's life. When one tries hard to forgive, they get rid of a great deal of stress and can free their mental energy for more productive endeavors.


Sukarman Sukamto of Singapore has led a long and full life. He is an important business tycoon in Singapore and has met thousands of people in his life. He has had business deals and friendships go sour and has had to deal with some very unfortunate circumstances that life gives to people from time to time. But instead of holding a grudge against those responsible for some of these unfortunate circumstances, Sukamto Sia has always held to the belief that forgiveness is a much more productive way to react to these problems than holding a grudge and getting angry.


This strategy has worked out very well for Sukarman Sukamto throughout his personal life and in his business career. Many problems or issues were easy for him to overcome and find compromise instead of holding a grudge and preventing a lucrative business deal from being executed.


Sukarman Sukamto hopes that other people in his life will learn from his example and try to be more forgiving in their day to day and professional lives. If people practiced more forgiveness in their life they would have much less conflict and problems to face on a daily basis. In fact, they might have more friends than enemies. After all, no one looks back on their deathbed and is happy to have kept grudges against people.

Sukarman Sukamto

Honesty a Priority for Sukarman Sukamto

In many cultures around the world, honesty is a prized trait in its people. Some cultures will bend the truth or lie more than others. It's not that these people are worse than those who are more honest more of the time, but that their culture actually demands them to not be honest about some things. Every culture has times where it is permissible to lie to other members of society in order to avoid conflict or to keep spirits high. However, in some situations honesty is usually the best policy.


Sukarman Sukamto has been working in the world of business his entire life. He has been very successful as a business tycoon in Singapore and around the world. He takes care of his employees, helps out his friends, and always looks out for others in any way he can. This attitude has helped Sukamto Sia in many ways throughout his life. Many people are grateful for his help and the personal networks he has access to are a testament to his personality.


One of the major factors in his success however has been Sukarman Sukamto's commitment to honesty in all of his business dealings. There are plenty of businessmen in the world who bend the truth or tell outright lies to get ahead or get what they want. This unfortunately can work in business but ultimately, lies usually catch up to those who tell them. Sukamto Sia has always believed that it is best to remain honest at all times, especially during business dealings.


All of the people that Sukarman Sukamto has met during his time as an international businessman have recognized his commitment to being honest and open about all things related to business. This gives those he works with a great deal of respect for Sukarman Sukamto, and this has in turn created a great deal of opportunities throughout his business career.

Sukarman Sukamto

Sukarman Sukamto Loves Singapore

Singapore is one of the most unique cities and places in the world. It is home to over five million people, mostly Singaporeans. There is a large population of foreigners in the city as well, as it is a major international business hub. Over the years the city has attracted companies from all over the world to set up their headquarters in the tax-friendly state.


Sukarman Sukamto has called Singapore his home ever since he got his naturalized citizenship. Now he is a business tycoon who has had a great deal of success in his life thanks to the education and experiences he gained. Starting businesses in the country has paid off immensely because now Singapore is ranked fourth in the world for financial centers and it also has one of the busiest ports in the world.


In regards to other aspects of Singapore outside of business, Sukamto Sia thinks it is a great place to live and raise a family in. There is a great deal of diversity in Singapore, with almost two million people being foreign born. This diversity trickles down into the society in a variety of ways.


There are four official languages in Singapore in order to accommodate the immense diversity of the country. Sukarman Sukamto loves the fact that he lives in a multi-lingual society; he feels that being aware and knowledgeable of other languages gives the mind a sharpness that monolingual cultures lack.


One of the best things about Singapore's multiculturalism for Sukarman Sukamto is the fact that all of these diverse cultures appear in the food of the country. Singapore has some of the most amazing food in the entire world and there is always something new to try. For that and many other reasons, Sukamto Sia is happy to live in Singapore

Sukarman Sukamto

Sukarman Sukamto Puts Friends First

Many people grow up rather selfishly. It's only natural for humans to be selfish, however. There are a lot of important survival situations that human beings evolved the trait of selfishness to keep people alive. In some situations it definitely is better to save yourself or think about yourself first rather than do something for another person without getting any reward for your actions.


Modern society has changed that selfish impulse a great deal. Sukarman Sukamto is a great example of the opposite of selfishness. Sukamto Sia is a very selfless person who believes that the health and happiness of others is more important than his own health and happiness. He believes that without others who are healthy and happy, what does it matter if he is healthy and happy? Everyone else will be miserable if that were the case.


Since he grew up always looking after his friends, putting them first before his interests has always come naturally to Sukamto Sia. As he moved into the business world, Sukarman Sukamto found that all of those years helping his friends out would come back to help him, as the loyalty and respect that they developed for Sukarman Sukamto was incredibly useful in starting his businesses.


To this day, Sukarman Sukamto goes out of his way to help his friends. It doesn't matter how busy, how tired, or how upset he may be about anything, if one of Sukamto Sia's friends are in trouble or need help with anything, they know that Sukarman Sukamto will be there willing to help.


If more people would try to be selfless in their day-to-day activities, the world would be a better place. They might even find out that when you are a selfless person, often times the world rewards you for the good things you are doing. You meet more people and build your network faster, leading to bigger and better things in your future.

Sukarman Sukamto’s Five Reasons to Donate Money To Your Favorite Cause

Sukarman Sukamto is considered in his social circles to be something of a philanthropist. When possible, Sukarman Sukamto likes to actually volunteer at the organizations that he donates to, but there are some situations where he acknowledges that it is better to donate money than time because of the needs of the organization.


When it comes to research into medical conditions, donating money often makes a bigger difference than anything individuals like Sukarman Sukamto can offer. Only highly educated scientists can perform the necessary research into cancer, diabetes, and many other medical conditions. There is never enough money to fund this research, particularly for what are known as “orphan diseases,” diseases that affect few people and therefore do not attract funding, explains Sukarman Sukamto.


Donating money is also tax deductible, says Sukarman Sukamto. This can make a big difference when you feel like you cannot afford to give to a charity. Knowing that there is a decrease in tax liability through your donation can make it feel more affordable.


If you are a prominent businessperson, donating to charity is a good way to market your business. People like to engage with businesses that give back to their communities or to a good cause, says Sukarman Sukamto.


Donations to charities are a great way to memorialize a family member who has passed away. Asking people to make a donation rather than sending flowers, says Sukarman Sukamto, can allow your loved ones to make a difference even in death. Pick a cause related to your relative’s passions, or an illness that they had.


When you have children, making donations to good causes is a way to demonstrate good citizenship, says Sukarman Sukamto. The idea of noblesse oblige applies in this scenario – to whom much is given, much is expected. Setting a good example in regards to civic engagement is part of raising socially responsible children.

New York Landmarks Architects Love: Sukarman Sukamto’s Highlights

As an architect, Sukarman Sukamto considers living in New York to be an amazing source of inspiration. There are amazing buildings around every corner, and Sukarman Sukamto definitely has his favorites. Sukarman Sukamto shares some highlights here.

The Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is one of Sukarman Sukamto’s absolute favorite buildings. The museum’s spiraling design on both the inside and outside makes the building stand out. Frank Lloyd Wright broke with museum style traditions when he designed this building, and its rounded white surface makes the museum stand out in the skyline.

Another one of Sukarman Sukamto’s favorite pieces of architecture is the Washington Square Arch. Built in 1889, the arch features elaborate engraving on its upper surfaces. Made of marble, the arch is designed in a Beaux-Arts style that greatly appeals to Sukarman Sukamto.

The General Electric building is a unique, fascinating structure in the Art Deco style, located in midtown. Sukarman Sukamto is immensely taken by the salmon coloration of the building and its elaborate carved spires and spikes that form a crown atop the building. Sukarman Sukamto also appreciates the carefully designed inside of the building, which features pink marble and sunburst designs.

The dome on Brooklyn’s Williamsburgh Savings Bank is a standout piece of architecture that Sukarman Sukamto often goes out of his way to go past. Designed in a Neoclassical style, the building was constructed during the 1870s. The building combines styles in an eclectic manner that Sukarman Sukamto looks to when designing for creative inspiration.

When it comes to recent architecture, Sukarman Sukamto’s favorite building is the Hearst Magazine building, particularly the tower component, which was constructed in 2004. The tower features angled diamond shaped glass and metal panels atop an older stone building that was constructed in 1928. Sukarman Sukamto finds the building particularly beautiful to look at in the evening when the sun shines off of the tower.

Four Soccer Stretches Sukarman Sukamto Recommends For Increasing Flexibility

Sukarman Sukamto loves watching soccer, particularly British Premier League Soccer. Sukarman Sukamto particularly cheers for Arsenal and Manchester United. Sukarman Sukamto’s interest in soccer goes beyond watching it, however, but extends to playing on the weekend with friends. Sukarman Sukamto also uses traditional soccer stretches to improve his flexibility. Some of this favorite stretches include:


the basic quadriceps stretch. This stretch consists of simply standing on one foot while drawing the other foot up behind you. Pulling you leg towards you buttocks, push your hips outwards. Be careful not to hold your foot at the ankle joint, says Sukarman Sukamto, because pulling on that joint can cause an injury. Make sure to perform this stretch on both legs


the sitting groin stretch. To perform this stretch, Sukarman Sukamto explains, sit on the ground with the soles of your feet together and your knees bent. Press the outsides of your knees towards the ground with your hands and elbows.


the standing calf stretch. This stretch requires a wall to perform. With your hands against the wall, press one foot back while bending your knee on the opposite leg. Bend your knee further, says Sukarman Sukamto, while keeping the heel on your back leg on the ground. Remember to perform this stretch on both legs.


the hamstring split stretch. To perform this stretch, first get down on your knees, says Sukarman Sukamto. Then, remaining one knee, stretch your other leg out in front of you. Reach towards your foot on the outstretched leg. To deepen the stretch, explains Sukarman Sukamto, flex your toes upwards and tuck your head in.


Perform these stretches regularly, says Sukarman Sukamto, and you will become much more flexible. Most of these stretches can be done in your living room, so you can do them while watching TV or waiting for dinner to cook.

Sukarman Sukamto’s Five Favorite History Books

Sukarman Sukamto minored in history when he was an undergraduate at the University of California Berkeley. As an adult, Sukarman Sukamto never lost his interest in history, and non-fiction history books are some of his favorite things to read. Here he shares his top five with us.


Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond: This book has enjoyed immense popularity, and Sukarman Sukamto believes it has certainly earned that attention. Jared Diamond provides a close analysis of the rise of societies that connects the development of agriculture with weaponry, as well as examining the role that disease has played in the conquest of various societies. This book is a must read for anyone interested in history, says Sukarman Sukamto.


Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky: The history of salt is surprisingly exciting and interesting, says Sukarman Sukamto. Learn about how soldiers were paid in salt under the Roman Empire, and learn about the many uses of this mineral in embalming. Sukarman Sukamto couldn’t put this book down.


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot: This book combines history and science for a fascinating read, says Sukarman Sukamto. Henrietta Lacks was an African American woman whose cancerous cells continue to form the main line for many research laboratories around the world. Learning her history and the story of her family was immensely moving, says Sukarman Sukamto.


Drift by Rachel Maddow: News analyst Rachel Maddow provides a look at how our country has shifted economically and politically into a more privatized war machine. The book is also full of Maddow’s insightful humor, notes Sukarman Sukamto, and her grasp on military history is unrivaled.


Gideon’s Trumpet by Anthony Lewis: This legal history tells the story of how the right to an attorney became the norm in the United States. Anthony Lewis walks us through James Earl Gideon’s legal battle as an indigent defendant. Sukarman Sukamto considers this book to be a clear and informative history of this important right.

Guiding You Child Through The NYC High School Selection Process: Tips from Sukarman Sukamto

Sukarman Sukamto’s eldest daughter recently graduated from middle school, meaning that the family has spent most of the past year trying to understand the New York City high school application process, a byzantine system of applications, tests, and requirements. Having made it to the end, Sukarman Sukamto has some retrospective wisdom on what to expect when applying to high school in New York City.


There are several different components to the high school application process in New York City, Sukarman Sukamto explains. When applying to schools you need to consider public school, private schools, specialized schools, and Catholic schools. Each of these school systems has a separate process for application.


Several years ago, New York City did away with automatic acceptance to your zoned school. Now, says Sukarman Sukamto, you need to be sure to list your neighborhood zoned school on your public school application to be sure to get a slot. You can list up to twelve schools on this application. If you don’t want to attend your zoned school then you should list it last on the application, explains Sukarman Sukamto. Make sure the rank the public schools in order of your preference because you will only be admitted to one of them.


There are several kinds of specialized schools in New York City, including art schools like LaGuardia High School. The primary kind of specialized school, however, are the set of top public schools that admit students based on performance on the Specialized High School Admissions Test, says Sukarman Sukamto. These schools are some of the top public schools in the nations and the test is very rigorous.


Private schools all have separate admissions process, says Sukarman Sukamto. You will need to apply to these individually if you are considering enrolling your child in one of them.


Finally, there are New York City’s Catholic schools. These schools are admit based on a test, says Sukarman Sukamto. The test for these schools is called the Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools or TACHS. This test is far easier than the SHSAT, but it is also used to determine tuition scholarships for the Catholic high schools.

Three Cute Desserts You Can Make With Your Kids – Recipes from Sukarman Sukamto

Sukarman Sukamto loves cooking with his children. To make the process even more fun, Sukarman Sukamto along with his children often prepares cute desserts for holidays and family gatherings. Here Sukarman Sukamto recommends some of his favorite desserts to prepare with you children.

1. Easter Basket Cupcakes: Sukarman Sukamto has been making Easter basket cupcakes with his children for years now. Start out with a basic boxed cake mix in any flavor you would like. Bake the cupcakes as directed on the box. After the cupcakes cool, frost the cupcakes with a small amount of vanilla frosting. If you want the frosting to look more like Easter grass, you can color it with food coloring. On top of the frosting, place a handful of jelly beans. Finally, take a twizzler and insert it like a handle, arching over the cupcake. These cute cupcakes are always a hit, Sukarman Sukamto says.

2. Pilgrim’s Hat Cookies: For Thanksgiving, Sukarman Sukamto and his children make pilgrim’s hat cookies. To make this recipe you need a basic cookie, ideally one with chocolate coating the bottom. Place the cookie upside down so that the chocolate faces up. Next, take a miniature peanut butter cup and apply frosting that has been tinted orange to the top of it. Use the frosting to adhere the peanut butter cup to the cookie and you’re done! This super easy recipe is one children can prepare on their own, says Sukarman Sukamto.

3. Reindeer Cookies: These Christmas cookies are one of Sukarman Sukamto’s favorite things to make with his children. Prepare a basic peanut butter cookie recipe. Before putting the cookies in the oven however, take two small chocolate covered pretzels and press them into the top of the cookie to make the antlers. Use chocolate chips or brown M&Ms for eyes, and a red M&M for the nose of the reindeer, then bake the cookies. These cookies are extremely cute and fun to prepare, says Sukarman Sukamto.

Why Sukarman Sukamto Is Proud to Be A Cooper Union Alum

Sukarman Sukamto got his Master of Architecture degree from Cooper Union in the late 1990s. Ever since, Sukarman Sukamto has been a proud Cooper Union alum, donating to the school and participating in its alumni association. Reunion weekend is one of Sukarman Sukamto’s favorite times of the year and it is always exciting to hear what his classmates are doing these days. There are many reasons that Sukarman Sukamto is proud to have studied at Cooper Union and why he continues to remain involved in the life of the school.


One of the main reasons Sukarman Sukamto is proud to be a Cooper Union alum is that the school has a long history of not charging tuition. Free access to higher education equals the democratization of knowledge. Sukarman Sukamto is proud that Cooper Union has made education available to young people who might not otherwise be able to afford it, but who have proven their academic abilities and are ambitious and capable students.


Cooper Union counts among its alumni an impressive assortment of artists, engineers, scientists, and architects. Cooper Union alums include Thomas Edison, the German-American artist Eva Hesse, the chemical engineer Alfred Schneider, and many others. Sukarman Sukamto is proud to count himself among their ranks.


Sukarman Sukamto is also proud that Cooper Union recognizes the work of its graduates through several annuals awards, including the Gano Dunn Award for Engineering and the John Q. Hejduk Award for Architecture, an award for which Sukarman Sukamto strives.


One of the ways Sukarman Sukamto and other alums stay in touch with Cooper Union is through lecture series. These talks give Sukarman Sukamto and his peers the chance to remain engaged with the intellectual life of the university. Sukarman Sukamto is proud that Cooper Union encourages its graduates to keep learning and opens up these exciting opportunities, such as the annual Menschel Lecture.

Sukarman Sukamto’s Tips on Preparing Your Classic Car for Showing

One of Sukarman Sukamto’s hobbies is restoring classic cars. The restoration process includes both getting inside the engine to get the car running smoothly again, and improving the outward appearance of the car in preparation for display and showing. Sukarman Sukamto regularly displays his cars and he has some advice for the car show novice.

    The process of preparing your car for a car show is typically known as detailing. According to Sukarman Sukamto, you need to detail your car before every car show. No matter how good you think the condition of your car is, detailing is a must because the judges will review every aspect of the car.
    When detailing your car, start by vacuuming the entire inside, including any side paneling. Vacuum any dust off of the sun visors and make sure to get under the seat cushions, says Sukarman Sukamto.
    Next it is very important to clean the windows of your car. Make sure there aren’t any streaks on the windows. Use an appropriate glass cleaner to get them to shine properly, recommends Sukarman Sukamto.
    Murphy’s oil soap is a great soap for cleaning your car and making it smell good, says Sukarman Sukamto. Clean your dashboard and any leather or vinyl surfaces in your car with this soap and some warm water. Judges will appreciate both the shine and the smell.
    After you’ve finished the inside of your car, move on to the outside surfaces, says Sukarman Sukamto. This is not the time to let your child wash the car. Scrub down all the surfaces including behind the bumper and near the tires.
    Finally, you need to make sure your car shines. Get some car polish, says Sukarman Sukamto, and polish all of the surfaces of your car with it. You want to leave your car glistening for the judges.